ΕΝΕRGΟΝ-ΤΜ undertakes the comprehensive design, manufacturing, testing and support of Electrical Installations of any type Low and Medium Voltage.

  • Low Voltage Electrical Installations
  • Medium Voltage Electrical Installations
  • Alternative Forms of Energy (Wind turbines, Photovoltaic Systems, Biomass applications)

The parts used in every switchboard are branded, reliable and satisfy the individual requirements that are set by each of the constructions.

Our company’s engineers, design and supervise all steps of the assembly process, while the highly trained and skilled technical personnel make the necessary assembling and testing prior to the delivery of each electrical board. Thus, the reliability and quality of each completed project is ensured.


1. Outdoor Prefabricated Medium Voltage Substations up to 5000kVA.

2. Low and Medium Voltage Electrical Boards:

  • Medium Voltage Switchboards (Cubicles) 3kV, 6kV, 17,5kV, 24kV.
  • Medium Voltage Motor Control Switchboards 3kV, 6kV.
  • Low Voltage Distribution Switchboards up to 6300Α.
  • Low Voltage Motor Control Switchboards.
  • Reactive Power Compensation Capacity Banks.
  • Lighting Application Switchboards.
  • Special Applications and Requirements Electrical Switchboards.

3. Industrial Electrical Installations

  • Industrial Automations and Installations Design.
  • Construction, Installation and Operation of Industrial Equipment.
  • Maintenance and Support.

Maintenance Services:

  • Medium Voltage Substations
  • Oil and Cast Resin Power Transformers.
  • Electrical Switchboards.
  • Electrical Motors.
  • Power Electronics (Inverters, Converters etc.)
  • Automation Switchboards (PLC and Classic Automation Systems).
  • Backup of PLC programs or other electronic cards.