Company Profile


ΕΝΕRGΟΝ-ΤΜ is located in Ο.Τ 10 Industrial Area Sindos, Thessaloniki, Greece, in an industrial area of total space 4000m2, of which 1800m2 are its premises.

As an affiliate of TECHNOMAT Group, foreseeing the huge potential and taking into consideration the needs of the Electrical Installations Market, ΕΝΕRGΟΝ-ΤΜ has established a spread network of skilled partners all over Greece, in order to provide top quality services and support for its customers.

The continuous investments in specialized equipment and its infrastructure, the recruitment of highly-skilled employees in addition to their up to date training, the dedication in quality assurance and the improvement of all provided services as well as its steady development, have made ENERGON-TM one of the very promising companies in Greece, and top of the line as regards reliability terms.

Our company’s commitment in quality assurance issues is guaranteed by International as well as Greek certifications that have been acquired and are applied in every step of the construction process of our products.

ENERGON-TM has as a target to obtain a leading role in the Greek market but also its business expansion abroad, taking projects in the greater Balkan Peninsula or elsewhere. Up to date, projects in Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Dubai, Beirut and Lebanon have been successfully completed.

For the aforementioned reasons, ENERGON-TM is investing in the development and modernization of its products and infrastructure as well as the up-to date training of its Human Resources aiming ultimately the constant improvement of our product range.

ΕΝΕRGΟΝ-ΤΜ is focusing on long term cooperation with their customers. Our strong belief is that only through the growth of our partners we can keep on with our steady development track. Until now, our success can be attributed to the initiative and the professionalism of our employees and partners.